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Welcome to Third Degree Elements

Third Degree Elements produces Masonic Greeting Cards and other unique printed products. In today's digital world, we forget days of the past when mail was physically opened and there were written messages within cards.
Support Fellowship within our craft by sending a Brother a hand written note within one of our unique Masonic cards.
 Sending a Brother a greeting card rather a text carries more weight regarding intent. In this digital age that we all live in, we've forgot the sentiments behind the greeting card. All of my Masonic Greeting Cards that I design through Third Degree Elements are intended to hold a hand written message from the sender. It fulfills the pure intent on which this venture had spawned from. Third Degree Elements will continue to create unique Masonic products with pure intentions within Freemasonry and the appendant bodies. Scottish Rite and York Rite have been on the digital drawing board. Masonic Calling Cards, Posters and Flyers for events, Lodge Visitor Cards, and other custom creations are available from Third Degree Elements, upon request.
 Strengthening our bond to carry the work within our fine craft is what I am attempting to nurture. Furthering Fellowship Amongst the Craft. Thank you for the support that you have shown via purchases, sharing on social media, word of mouth, and for the kind words that I've been given. Especially during times of severe self doubt that I kept to myself. Some of you lifted me up just by being kind human beings.

Tune In & Vibrate High
 Sean Michael Hanney Sr.
  Third Degree Elements

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