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Less is More

::Less is More:: Recently, I realized without a doubt, that a specific change had to be made within Third Degree Elements. Attempting to accomplish too many goals at the same time is an ongoing battle within myself. I've improved on spotting the issue before it turns into a total moral dilemma; although, I still take on more than I should.  Third Degree Elements has several layers. Most have not been seen yet. I'm a one man show, wearing what feels like to be a couple dozen hats.  My Lodge, Fellowship Lodge AF&AM in Bridgewater, Massachusetts was chartered by Brother Paul Revere..  - Read More

The Master Mason - A Treatise on the Third Degree of Freemasonry

Education within Freemasonry has been a topic for some time. Education within the Lodge; to most, should be a staple within membership. Whether it be a 15min talk while the Lodge is tiled or during dinner and/or a separate meeting organized by Brethren.  In 2013, an informal education meet officially began. Myself and two other Brothers had planned something that our Lodge had not done before, that I know of. The Setting Maul Study Circle encouraged Brethren to do presentations. To learn from their research and learn more as a teacher. The layers of positive experience within this method; I..  - Read More

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