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About Third Degree Elements

 It all started around 2011. Shortly after receiving the FC Degree, during dinner, two cards were being passed amongst us to sign. The cards were for two Brothers that were ill. By the time the cards reached me; seeing thirty or so signatures along with a handful of one-liners, struck a chord within me. Most everyone that I witnessed sign the cards, respectfully read and viewed the greeting cards that they were handling. There was only one problem though. These cards were your average Hallmark type. Being a little eccentric, I instinctively thought they should be Masonic cards. Masonic Greeting Cards that would resonate with the recipient. Some time had passed and the thought kept lighting up. Seeing more convenient-store style cards being signed, put fan to my flame as well. So here I am. Doing what I feel that will be helpful to the Craft, as a whole and as a singular moral boost with pure intent.

Third Degree Elements produces Masonic Greeting Cards and other unique printed products.
Support Fellowship within our craft by sending a Brother a hand written note within one of our unique Masonic greeting cards.



Massachusetts United States

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