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Less is More

::Less is More::

Recently, I realized without a doubt, that a specific change had to be made within Third Degree Elements. Attempting to accomplish too many goals at the same time is an ongoing battle within myself. I've improved on spotting the issue before it turns into a total moral dilemma; although, I still take on more than I should.
Third Degree Elements has several layers. Most have not been seen yet. I'm a one man show, wearing what feels like to be a couple dozen hats. 
My Lodge, Fellowship Lodge AF&AM in Bridgewater, Massachusetts was chartered by Brother Paul Revere in 1797. We have a long history and some really interesting stories. 
For awhile now, there has been a funding mission for an elevator to be put in. A three story elevator to go where the dumbwaiter is. 

There are Brethren that can no longer use the stairs (myself included) and physically disabled  travelers (Ooops, was that not P.C. enough? Will that offend anyone?) I fall in the disability category (see what I did there). Let's refer to me as gimpy. Ok fine, we'll go with distally challenged by way of the lower and upper extremities, should be able to attend our Lodge too. 

Part of the pricing within all of Third Degree Elements' products and services had to do with raising money for that elevator project. I had envisioned steady sales and soon enough, after the fees of everything, I would donate most or all of the profits. 
Unfortunately, my wishful thinking was just that - wishful.
I've spent a considerable amount on product and advertising with little return on the investment. Instead of throwing in the towel, it's clear that some revamping is needed. Some changes. Scale back a little. 
Furthering Fellowship Amongst the Craft is a sincere mission statement. 
With fellowship comes more education - academically and of self. It also opens doors for advancements in bettering the community, yourself and the craft. 
 Third Degree Elements masonic greeting cards
Most, if not all of my endeavors within Third Degree Elements are based on fellowship. Bringing us together in small ways can lead to a large impact. 
Can a Masonic Greeting Card do that?
I believe it can it can strengthen bonds and definitely warm the soul.  
I've decided that there are other ways that I can support my Lodge with the elevator project. I'm lowering costs of all Masonic Greeting Cards from Third Degree Elements. 
Concentrating on building more inventory, will be a priority. By the summer of 2018, I aim to have what I wanted to start with - an elite greeting card that will put the sender in a contemplative crossroads on whether to keep it for themselves or to go through with sending it. 
They'll be limited in quantity and the price tag will be far more than the usual card. As the attention to detail of the printing options will be vast.  

::: Bulk Orders for Lodges :::

 Third Degree Elements is happy to accommodate for Lodges and their Masonic greeting card needs.
For bulk orders, send a message through the Contact page.
In most cases, you save money and often get more greeting cards for your money than what the current budget for your Lodge is currently spending.

::: Art is Magick :::

I'd love to know what your art is. It doesn't have to be related to Freemasonry. Acting, writing, painting, speaking, cooking....etc.
I want to showcase you and your art. 
Send me a message to get this ball rolling.

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