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The Masonic Tour Guide travel book series

Art is Magick
Art is Magick

The Masonic Tour Guide  Daniel Hanttula

This month, Third Degree Elements covers a Brother from Oklahoma. 

Daniel Hanttula is the author of the Masonic Tour Guide travel book series, as well as several other books on leadership in Freemasonry, technical manuals and instruction guides. He speaks on various esoteric and historical topics as well as in-depth Information Technology subjects, and his programs are always “motivation-based.” He is a Past M.:.I.:.G.:.M.:. of Cryptic Masons of Oklahoma, a Past District Deputy Grand Master and a Past Master of two lodges.

VOLUME 2: Is now available!

The Masonic Tour Guide has returned! This volume features incredible Masonic events held every year that no Freemason should miss, reveals never before-seen details on records that our fraternity has set, and provides exclusive information on the programs available to our members to develop, improve and lead The Craft. No resource to date has provided this level of detail on the sights and services of Freemasonry!

You can follow his travels at facebook. 
Or by clicking the artistic portrait below. Drawn by Brother Travis Simpkins.

Drawing of Daniel Hanttula by Travis Simpkins


 All About You

~Third Degree Elements would like to feature you and your art. Being tied into Freemasonry is NOT a requirement. 
Everyone has an art. Message me and we'll discuss your coverage to educate others. 
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Any suggestions that you'd like to share; please, send a message. Topics/subjects do not necessarily need to be related to Freemasonry. 
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Thank you for your support and I hope this installment has found you well.

Tune In and Vibrate High, 
Sean Michael Hanney Sr.
Third Degree Elements 

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