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The Master Mason - A Treatise on the Third Degree of Freemasonry

Third Degree Elements masonic greeting cardsEducation within Freemasonry has been a topic for some time. Education within the Lodge; to most, should be a staple within membership. Whether it be a 15min talk while the Lodge is tiled or during dinner and/or a separate meeting organized by Brethren. 

In 2013, an informal education meet officially began. Myself and two other Brothers had planned something that our Lodge had not done before, that I know of. The Setting Maul Study Circle encouraged Brethren to do presentations. To learn from their research and learn more as a teacher. The layers of positive experience within this method; I believe, holds some serious weight. Not everyone is naturally charming in the public speaking department so this aided in good practice. Overcoming a fear of speaking to a group - what better arena than a circle of Brethren. Due diligence for a presentation is a must. If someone is rusty on this or has never really done such a report, Brethren are there to assist before the assigned presentation date. Learning the topic of your choice has an automatic interest and that alone fuels the presenter for uncovering interesting facts.

You can learn a lot of yourself when you are put in a teaching position. These skills can only really be obtained by doing it - teaching. Keeping the room's attention. How am I going to do that? (I'll revisit this in the near future)

Freemasonry education doesn't just have to come by the Lodge. You can take it upon yourself to water your seeds of knowledge. Most of us can share a handful of books to read. The usual suspects being Pike, Mackey, Duncan.....etc. Though, there's so many hidden gems. Today, I present one that you can be a part of having it produced. This will be the 3rd in a series of three. Author and artist, Brother Gregory B. Stewart has a Kickstarter Campaign for his new book. Even though it has reached the funding goal in record time, the pledge rewards that are available are absolutely worth diving in now. His campaign is HERE. Watch the short video he has and then browse the pledge rewards. Sharing his campaign through your social networks; I'm sure, would be greatly appreciated.


Greg Stewart Freemasonry author/artist

Greg Stewart

A student of the Western Mystery tradition (Western Esotericism), Greg (Gregory) B. Stewart has explored the rites of initiation through a variety of initiatory systems with the express goal of understanding the deeper meaning behind them. In that process, Greg's exploration has converged with mainstream and esoteric religious traditions, rituals of religious practice and their intersecting undercurrents. Now, on the other side of that journey, the focus of his attention is on how those intersections relate to the Great Work a subject he explores in his book series on the Symbolic Lodge.

As devoted student of the esoteric, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connection to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and its present configuration as the antecedent to most present day currents of esoteric and occult practice. Called a masonic bodhisattva, he is a self-styled searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in what is above is so also below. You can read his occasional thoughts on the Hermetic tradition on the blog The Hermetic Circle.

Personally, Greg is an artist by nature and education. Professionally, his work spans a wide spectrum of communications, publishing and design. Under the Masonic tradition Greg began his career in 1994 participating in a variety of roles, lodges and organizations. Much of his early written work on Freemasonry can be found in his blog Masonic Traveler covering a period from 2005 to 2009. In 2008 Greg co-hosted and produced the Masonic Central podcast, with Dean Kennedy and went on to publish and produce Freemason Information dot com under Masonic Traveler alongside Fred Milliken, Tim Bryce and other Masonic notables.

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Support Brother Greg and be part of producing Masonic literature and art whilst obtaining some unique rewards for doing so.

This has been the first blog post from Third Degree Elements. More coverage of Masonic artists will follow. Thank you for reading.

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